Product consulting

Thank you for your interest in our products. You have identified our product range to meet your demands. Just feature differentiation cannot be a deciding factor to invest in a new product or solution. The answer is to reach beyond individual product benefits and also develop rich, customer experiences which deliver solutions for customer needs. This can be achieved when we recognize the integrations between products, services, and user interactions and understand how to draw on these relationships and develop products which provide real value to customers.

At Csmart, we realize these business drivers and provide solutions to end-users in collaboration with our clients along with our certified partner network.

Our product development consulting expertise spans across three types of products:

Industry specific vertical products

Business specific horizontal products

Consumer products

Our product consulting will assist you on how to use our products to the best of its capability by discussing and sharing:

Product roadmap & management

Product strategy/roadmap


Functional requirements definition

Release management

Product engineering advisory backed by partner network services


Design & development




Professional services through partner network

Requirements definition





Product sustenance

Support & maintenance of current and old versions

Enhancements and updates

We take pride in building together a strategic partnership to help you realise your dreams and help you compete and be the leader in your business

Our expertise

Enterprise platform strategy

Csmart enterprise platform strategy aims to provide a breakthrough to the online market by focusing on allowing one segment of customers to benefit from the presence or interaction of others. Traditionally, it is supposed that clients can determine their willingness to pay for a service or product independently. However, platforms can break this assumption as the participation of a user segment on the platform is interdependent on user choices. This can also be enhanced by the use of Csmart DM (Digital Marketplace). Csmart’s elite group of professionals can help with design optimization and a greater degree of commonality across products (platforming) and this helps you maximize your profits and minimize your spending.

We can help you:

Rationalize product reusability and reduce complexity by understanding the key integration touchpoints to Csmart and how best to perform the same

Design for value; initiate product teardowns and platform optimization

Apply advanced analytics using ASPEN to estimate “should cost,” analyze function-cost, assembly, and more

Our platform approach uses these techniques:

Aggregation of services

Discovery of new environments using cloud transformations

Healing of services

Personalization providing enhanced customer experience

In a nutshell, the Csmart enterprise platform strategy team can help you fit our range of products to help platformise your IT landscape for greater productivity, ease of use, and customer experience enhancements leading to larger revenue realization.

Digital operations

Our core expertise includes state-of-the-art deployments and commissioning of IT infrastructure. With experience in sizing, design, and architecting IT solutions in various sites, the solutions we offer are inclusive of monitoring as well. Our varied experience in different hardware adds to the repertoire in delivering best-of-the-breed solutions.

Key offerings

Virtualization: End-to-end implementation of virtualization layer using the best industry tools including storage with an assurance of HA and DR on the application layer

App monitoring: Extensive and deep real-time monitoring of applications and hardware. Automate analysis to track trends and trigger alerts to the support team. Build presentation UI layer on Grafana & core monitoring in Nagios

Advanced analytics

We offer state-of-the-art AI/ML driven technologies to empower our users to analyze data in real-time and take decisive actions for improved customer experience. Deeply ingrained in our solutions is the ability to offer personalized and prescriptive recommendations based on predictive analytics on customer behaviors, which the functional teams can use to design targeted campaigns or interventions.

Key offerings

Smart ticketing featuring an AI-driven, fully automated end-to-end solution from complaint categorization to resolution assistance

User pattern prediction and intervention featuring a state-of-the-art AI solution for automated early detection of customer churn with behavioral similarity-based recommendations on interventions

Customer segmentation featuring an AI/ML-driven automated segmentation of customers based on their behavioral scores and dynamic usage patterns that can assist in targeted marketing campaigns

DX integrations

Csmart DX integration platform is agile and agnostic which equips the industry service providers with a single platform for zero-touch service orchestration and provisioning. The framework is the innate feature that helps in easy integrations with heterogeneous source/target end-points carried over with the support of a wide variety of integration protocols. DX is backed with a vibrant GUI that will allow the configuration derived integrations right from the service technology, choosing of protocol specs, and listing of the anchor channels along with optimized orchestration route plan.

Key offerings

The platform is built over the microservices concept

Supports all heterogeneous protocols for easy integrations like QUEUE,GRPC,REST,S/FTP, HTTPS, and SOAP

GUI based orchestration plan outlines, supports sequential, parallel and P2P business flows in dynamic nature

Bundled with audit trails, transaction statistics, and reporting

In-built failover mechanism to reprocess the failed request via Scheduler, Manual, and Batch modes

Offers high availability and easily scalable options using cloud-native principles

DX can address all the industry segments and can fit into SMB and enterprise-grade integrations. The pre-baked features like social media/notification/payment gateways/third-party business-specific integration packs, intuitive and configuration driven UI help in quick integrations and faster go-to-market timelines.