Platform capabilities

SaaS based subscription monetization platform

Customer engagement

The Csmart platform can manage and onboard customers digitally. It natively supports omnichannel digital journeys for customers with self-onboarding capabilities. Csmart CRM is crafted to handle multiple business verticals like telco, FinTech, e-learning, and OTT.

Provides quick & flexible customer on-boarding and unified 360-degree view to all customer information and is intuitive

Offers knowledge management & holistic transaction view and provides insightful customer interactions

Improves the speed of launching new offerings to all channels through a microservices-based architecture & inbuilt AI/ML-based recommendation engine

Csmart Mobile App and web self-care - Support omnichannel digital journeys for customers with a digital wallet and social media integration. Its superior UX enables to engage customer & upsell and cross-sell both your products and services suitable for customer’s needs.

A personalized view of products and services

Instant access to trouble ticket management

Tracking of loyalty programs

Intuitive and contextual user interface

Dealer engagement

Grow your ecosystem with dealers. Csmart CRM helps you to onboard new dealers with intuitive UI and rapidly monetizes your services.

Handles complex dealer hierarchies

Real-time updated inventory information

Integrated CRM with marketing automation features

Integrated appointment management system for sales and services

Customer account management with financing interface & payment management

Manage contracts between your partners

Generation of quotation

Track the dealer activities across your organization

Convergent billing
and revenue management

Invoice your customer with multiply services in a single bill. The pre-integrated suite can be easily linked to most applications such as financial and ERP systems.

Single billing platform for multiple services

Manages disputes with the customer

Partner and wholesale billing capabilities

Policy rule and enforcement

Integration and API management- Digital exchange

Accelerate digital transformation journey while connecting the legacy system with microservices-based and open API based architecture.

Configure channels with the help of intuitive UI

Order orchestration & decomposition

Directly integrate with provisioning platform or network elements

Easy integration – Open APIs

Advanced analytics

Csmart's advanced analytics provides end-to-end visibility across business footprints with automated analytics-driven processes. The Csmart analytics engine make sense of data and drives businesses forward through deployment of fit-for-purpose Big Data platform.

Analytical data hub

Proactive improvement of customer experience

Capability of identifying customer likelihood of subscription cancellations

Contextual-driven decision

Advance monitoring tool

It allows you to query, visualize, put alerts on, and explore metrics no matter where they are stored.

Seamlessly define alerts where it makes sense

Bring customer data together to get a better context

Completely open source platform

Allow enterprises to visualize data any way they want

Create dynamic & reusable dashboards with template

Rich graph annotation from various data sources