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Media & entertainment industry is in a transformation phase as both old and new continue to coexist. Interactivity, digitization, multiple platforms, multiple devices, and globalization of service-based landscape have remodeled the media and entertainment vertical over the last decade. Owing to the advent of OTT services, content viewers have got more flexibility to customize their subscription package according to their content preferences. Unlike traditional TV cable subscriptions, OTT is essentially an incredible merger of traditional television and internet-driven digital content.


The shifting changes in consumption and rapid growth of OTT cause established media & communication companies and tech giants to enter and compete for access to the audience in the market. Content digitization and the availability of unlimited high-speed internet access and piling media devices have brought a new era in OTT services. This extends a significant opportunity for content bearers and service providers to address customer's needs everywhere at any time. The major challenge for content providers is to find a viable way to monetize OTT content and to increase customer lifetime.

How can we help

Csmart supports the acquire-convert-retain‑expand customer lifecycle by increasing operational efficiency and scalability to improve flexibility. Its actionable intelligence helps OTT businesses gain important insights into customer engagement experience, and utilize this information for delivering better business benefits.

Increase in revenue

on the adoption of flexible consumption models

Improvement in CTR

with personalized recommendations on the homepage

Subscribers are ready to spend more

for a better digital experience

Our solution helps you in:

Pricing, packaging, and marketing

The first step to moving to OTT video monetization is to adopt creative pricing strategies

Freemium pricing

Promotional pricing

Cross-platform packaging and bundling

One-time charges

Recurring charges

Subscriber management and support (Self-service)

Account creation and initial sign-up

Viewing information

Updating information

Billing, invoicing, and taxation

Canceling accounts

Billing and revenue management

Supporting multiple payment types

Payment gateway integrations

PCI compliance

Payments, refunds, and chargebacks

Billing, invoicing, and taxation

Revenue recognition

Entitlement and provisioning (Self-service)

Video workflow management

Video content management

User access and entitlement management

Multidevice authorization and management

Multiscreen catalogs

User viewing and delivery reporting

Reporting and analytics

Customer value (Total and monthly recurring revenues)


Subscriber insights (Usage, preferences, and behavior patterns)

Monitor different attributes of customers


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