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cSMART is the answer Digital Service Providers were waiting for.

Cloud enabled SaaS based Subscription Monetization Platform

cSMART is a cloud enabled Subscription, Monetization solution, catering to Enterprise, Cable and Digital service providers with Subscription or transaction based models. This highly agile system enables full life cycle from Lead to Cash using Self Onboarding CX through fully integrated CRM, Multi-level integration capabilities through MOM, and fully integrated BRM solution. The solution is designed for real time enquiry, Self-care capability through intuitive user interface and loaded with Analytical capabilities for Comprehensive Reporting.

Enterprise Markets

  • Seamless integration to CRM & 3rd Party systems
  • End to end automated billing process
  • Revenue recognition, Billing and Collections
  • Easy Subscription Lifecyle management
  • International Payment gateway support
  • Self customizable invoice template
  • Partner management - administration - remittance rules

Communication Service Providers

  • Real time billing services for prepaid and post-paid
  • Rapid time-to-market for new products and services
  • Seamless integration to network elements along with Multi-language, multi-currency support
  • User friendly customer experience
  • Elastic Charging and Policy controls
  • SSO and permission control
  • Seamless integration to network elements along with Multi-language, multi-currency support

Cable and Broadband

  • Convergent platform for Data, VoIP and Pay TV
  • Faster self onboarding with bulk upload capability
  • Enhanced CX: Mobile selfcare and self-monitoring.
  • Pre-Provisioning Integrated Inventory Management
  • IVR, Analytics and Rating & Billing
  • Trouble ticket management
  • Reseller & Partner Management


  • PCI and GAAP compliant
  • Completely cloud hosted with support of multitenancy
  • Self service capabilities through intuitive user interfaces and mobile apps
  • Integrated Oracle technology including Oracle database, infrastructure and platform as a service
  • Out of the box integrations to third party systems using workflow and SOA based integration technology
  • Sophisticated pricing, rating and discounting capabilities
  • Powerful account and debit management support


  • Reduces risk through robust security and cloud deployment best-practices
  • Lowers capital expenditure and minimizes the need for in-house expertise
  • Facilitates customer retention by providing a compelling customer experience and innovative pricing options
  • Enables growth of new recurring revenue streams with flexible, robust and future proof features
  • Accelerates time to market for new subscription and consumption-based products & services




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